3 Etobicoke Athletes Competing at the National Championships

As submitted to Snapd Etobicoke April 2018

Etobicoke is sending three athletes to the Canadian National Judo Championships in May. Ron Hanji, Soloman Choran, and Shahab Pesteh of The Art of Balance Dojo - Kinkoudokan in North Etobicoke will fight in their respective weight and age classes in Calgary, May 17th to 20th, and we can expect great things from them, according to their coach, Josh Hagen.

“I’m reasonably certain that Soloman Choran will medal at Nationals. He’s ranked 2nd in Canada at the junior (U-21) level, and is ranked 5th at the senior level,” says Hagen. Choran has fought internationally as well, with tournaments under his belt in France, Portugal, Bosnia, and Scotland, where he took a bronze medal in April 2017.

Ron Hanji, aged 16, is ranked 3rd in Canada in the U-18 category, and is an impressive fighter and athlete as well. He and his younger brother Guy travel from Aurora to train with sensei Hagen. Hanji recently captured the gold medal (U-18) at the Pacific International Judo Tournament in BC in March of this year, defeating his opponent in the finals in under fifteen seconds. “Hanji is very likely to medal in his age and weight class,” says Hagen, who is a former National Judo team member in his own right, and who has been coaching judo for 12 years.

The tournament, to which they’ll be travelling on May 16th, is the largest and most important Judo event in Canada. The team from The Art of Balance will remain for a few days after the competition for an opportunity to train with other judoka from all over Canada. You can tune-in to the tournament live on judocanada.tv to watch our local fighters in action.




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