What is Nogi Judo or Chidaoba?

Chidaoba is a Georgian traditional wrestling.  Its rules allow grappling above the waist while it is prohibited to grapple below the waist.  They wear a heavy jacket that often doesn't cover much of the arms and leaves the entirety of the chest and belly exposed.  This means you can only really grab the belt or the back of the jacket.  With such a uniform it means that you are required to use different techniques which has transitioned very well into judo competitions.  The Georgian team is easily one of the strongest in the world with many past World and Olympic Champions.  Bökh or Mongolian wrestling has a similar style and has led to similar success with the Mongolian National Judo Team.

What it means in our dojo is that every Friday night we practice Nogi Judo.  We wear our judogi pants, belt, and either a rashguard, or a t-shirt.  This helps simplify judo, with less emphasis on gripping strategies.  As well, much as on our Kosen Judo nights, it allows us to work on different techniques, variations of uchi mata, and lifting our partner with more of a bear hug than we do in classical Kodokan Judo.  

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