About Us

Sensei Josh

The Art of Balance Dojo is led by Head Sensei (instructor) Joshua Hagen.  He is a level-3 NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) judo coach with international athletic and coaching experience. His path and purpose in life became clear to him at a very young age: as a toddler, too young to be allowed on the mats, he would stand to the side and copy the older students, until he was finally allowed to participate in judo classes at the age of 3 1/2, with the stern warning that he would be removed immediately if he misbehaved. He obtained his black belt through Judo Canada at age 17. 

Sarah LeMay, Joshua Hagen's wife, works primarily in the club's after school program and as club administrator. She holds a Master's degree in French Studies from Queen's University. She hopes to return to the mats to continue her judo training as soon as possible after the birth of her fourth child, due November 2017. 

The Art of Balance Dojo's facility is over 3700 square feet, with a huge private parking lot and nearly 2000 square feet of tatami (judo mats), with a floating subfloor to minimize impact. With classes for all levels and abilities every weekday, and high-performance classes 6 days a week, our program has been created to rank this dojo among the best competitive clubs in Canada.

Sensei Hagen and Sarah LeMay believe that the dojo should be a judoka's second home. The Art of Balance Dojo is at its heart a family dojo, beginning with Sensei Josh and Sarah's family, who all train at the club. We hope you'll enjoy our dojo, where everyone can expect a respectful and friendly environment for friendly competition and lifelong judo learning.